Bowling Green
Bowling Green

Noel has extensive experience in the management of bowling surfaces acquired over 20 years on both traditional soil based constructions and newer rootzone constructions.  The successful management of fine turf on the exacting needs of bowling green surfaces requires a blend of  agronomic science and art put into practical action.  Correct materials choices and maintenance practices are crucial in achieving the desired “slow” surfaces bowlers enjoy.

Noel really enjoys helping clubs and their greenkeepers attain the best results possible with their greens thus ensuring optimal bowling surfaces are obtained. Noel  has practical experience of working on good Club and County Standard bowling greens as well as having advised on up to 80 greens per year.


Key elements included within our advisory support services are:

  • Appraisal of sward species composition.
  • Assessment of playing characteristics (smoothness, consistency and pace).
  • Analysis of management issues.
  • Investigation of soil condition and rootzone health.
  • Resource appraisal.
  • Integrated Pest and Disease Management.

Our normal maintenance agronomy visits normally take about an hour to complete and are followed up with a written report (usually with photographs) including maintenance recommendations.