Bowling Green Support Services

Independent Sports Turf Agronomy Services with Noel MacKenzie

Bowling green smoothness and consistency represent some of the most exacting and demanding surface requirements in sports turf. We have successfully helped many bowling clubs achieve increased speed and consistency of their bowling surfaces, which in turn has greatly helped the club’s retain and increase members.

Our Principal Consultant, Noel MacKenzie, has extensive experience in the management of bowling surfaces acquired through hundreds of visits over 35+ years on both traditional soil based constructions and newer rootzone constructions. He has assisted many clubs in finding success in improving their bowling green surface through guidance in the correct materials choices and maintenance practices to achieve the best bowling surfaces for bowlers enjoy.

Noel MacKenzie has worked with professional, contractual and volunteer greenkeepers to achieve excellent results and significant improvements in bowling green playing performance. He gets a real joy out of aiding all greenkeepers, but especially volunteers who feel empowered and see the results of their labours produce good surfaces. Noel is equally happy to work with contractors who maintain greens for clubs and for local authorities or private sports clubs who provide bowling green facilities.

He is probably the only degree qualified, Independent Sports Turf Agronomists to have worked hands-on on bowling greens for any length of time, including County Standard surfaces. Noel’s advisory portfolio stretches right across the country and below are just a few of the clubs on his portfolio:

Oxford City & County Bowling Club
Harpenden Bowling Club
The Hurlingham Club
The Lensbury Club
West London Bowling Club
Malmesbury Bowling Club
Fairford Bowling Club
INCO Bowling Club
Ware Bowling Club
The Cheshunt Club
Gerrards Cross Bowling Club
Goswells (Winsdor) Bowling Club
Wootton Basset Bowling Club
Finchley Bowling Club
Egham Bowls Club
East Hagbourne Bowling Club
Mark Moor Bowling Club
George Pratt Salisbury Road Bowling club

Buckingham Bowling Club
Selbourne Bowling Club
Dyfed Road Bowling Club
Luton Leeside Bowling Club
Glaxo SmithKline Bowling Club
West Oxford Bowling Club
Enfield Bowling Club
Cutteslowe Park Bowling Club
West Ealing Bowling Club
Memorial Park Bowling Club
Stratford Park Bowling Club
Wardown Bowling Club
Metropolitan Police Clubs (The Warren, Imber Court, Chiswick)
Baglan Park Bowling Club
Vivian Park
Talbot Memorial Park
Parc-y-Llyn Bowling Club

Blaengwynfi Bowling Club
Tudor Park Bowling Club
W. Wimbledon Bowling Club
Bryn Park Bowling Club
Briton Ferry Steel Bowling Club
Ynysmaerdy Bowling Club
Bishops Stortford Bowling Club
Dyfed Road Bowling Club
King George V Bowling Club
N. Sheen Bowling Club
Cwmllynfell Park Bowling Club
Parc y Werin Bowling Club
Welwyn Bowling Club
Lindfield Bowling Club
Beechurst Bowling club
Mansfield Bowling Club
Reading Bowling Club
Suttons Bowling Club

The Bowling Green Site Visit

Noel MacKenzie will assess your green for turf and soil quality, resources and technical issues in order to support a club and their greenkeeping team or contractor to achieve optimum results. Key areas of appraisal are:

  • Sward species composition, its condition and health.
  • Assessment of playing characteristics (smoothness, uniformity, consistency and pace).
  • Analysis of management issues.
  • Investigation of soil condition and rootzone health.
  • Integrated Pest and Disease Management.
  • Resource appraisal.
  • Soil testing for nutrition and/or physical characteristics, infiltration rates, etc.

The inspection generally takes around 30 mins (for qualitative assessments) and with further discussion communicating the issues facing the green to the club’s representatives the whole process takes about an hour or so. A report is written to confirm and record the advice given and this is written individually, not copied off the internet or from another report.

One site visit per annum is normally sufficient and telephone and email support is provided for any follow up queries, although occasionally a club may request a further visit for particular difficulties.

With Sports Turf Consulting Ltd. you’ll be investing in a professional specialist Independent Sports Turf Agronomist with a strong track record of achieving improvement in bowling green surfaces.

Why not contact Noel MacKenzie and seek high quality information and support from a full-time, professional fine turf specialist and Independent Sports Turf Agronomist with 33+ years of experience in the subject?

Your green is your most important asset and surely worthy of the best inputs starting with a professional assessment and independent maintenance advice.

One final point, if several clubs band together to create a cluster of visits then a more economical rate can be prepared.


Specialist sports turf management for private member golf clubs and commercial golf facilities.



Careful management of both the turf and soil to produce the required bounce and pace needed.



Pitch assessments and management for all club levels and budgets.



Equestrian sports demand phenomenal performance from the turf. We can maintain this to a high level.



We maintain uniform running surfaces capable of withstanding the immense pressures of a rugby match.



Expert management of croquet surface consistency, smoothness and pace.



We will assess your cricket table and outfield for turf and soil quality, resources and technical issues.



We have helped many bowling clubs achieve increased speed and consistency of their bowling surfaces.


Sports Turf Assessment, Planning, Maintenance and Management