Throughout his career as a consultant Noel MacKenzie has supported the work of contractors in maintaining and improving sports turf surfaces for their clients in either the private of public sector and this work continues within Sports Turf Consulting Ltd.  Contractors are businesses and they operate to make money, however, good contractors seek to provide services that please the client and their stakeholders in the longer term so they can sustain the business.  In sports turf most contractors are not involved simply to make money, most have a desire to achieve good results and there is a great deal of pride in work in good contracting firms.  To meet stakeholder requirements and keep that business they will seek to create the best surfaces they can for a client and this is where Sports Turf Consulting Ltd. can assist in providing a highly experienced Independent Sports Turf Agronomist.

Good contractors may seek expert advice for a variety of reasons which include:

  • Support in making good agronomic management decisions for the long term betterment of the surface(s).
  • Help in solving intractable problems where efforts in the past have not produced the results desired.
  • Ensuring the playing surfaces in their care are in a good condition where the chance of winning a renewed contract will be increased or even guaranteed.
  • To inspire confidence with their client that they are ensuring good practice on the surfaces in their care by engaging in an independent assessment of the pitch/lawn annually.
  • To engage with stakeholders and user groups to communicate messages that may be better heard from an impartial expert rather than the contractor who may have a vested interest.
  • To ensure optimal financial product spend and treatment programmes so funds are spent wisely and increase operational effectiveness and efficiency.
  • To keep up to date using new technologies or more cost effective methods.
  • Delivery of staff training to their team(s) to provide Human Resource benefits (interest, motivation and productivity) and improve surface quality.

Noel MacKenzie has worked on all types of sports surfaces and ornamental lawns with contractors bringing over 28+ years consulting work and 5 years hands-on experience.  He has worked on all surface types in Local Authority, independent and state schools, private sports clubs and high security military settings.

One often overlooked advantage of working with a local contractor is that a number of sites are often in their care therefore a contractor working in a town or city may spread the benefit or costs around 3-8 clients in a day which makes a good economic case spreading the cost of our Agronomist for the day over multiple clients whilst supported the contractor and raising their profile..

assisting a contractor with cricket table construction at a new build site.

Some contactors on Noel’s portfolio include:

English Landscapes
ISS Waterers
Continental Landscapes
R&K Kensett
Rigby Taylor
ID Verde
Ecosolve Ltd

Machines Direct Ltd.
Agripower Ltd.
Murphy Group
TCL Limited
John O’Connor
Bicester Turf Care
Avonmore Associates
Commercial Groundcare

If you are a contractor, big or small, why not contact us to discuss how we can help you make the most of the surfaces you manage, support you in your operations and help present you as a professional and dedicated contractor to your clients as you seek to optimise their facilities?

For informal enquiries please contact us or call 07739 505862 for an informal discussion

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