Noel MacKenzie, our Principal Consultant, has worked supporting all levels of the sport including local club level grounds with volunteer ground staff, local authority pitches and the professional grounds and Premier League standard stadia pitches with their full time staff.  Whatever the level of the club we are happy adapting our advice and application of expertise to meet your needs, budgets and aspirations as a client.

Aside from the routine Maintenance Agronomy work set out below we work with clients creating new pitches or improving existing facilities through drainage, irrigation or renovation techniques.  We have worked on a number of Football Foundation and Sport England funded projects and are delighted to support clients in this way.



Among the many clients a small selection of Noel’s client portfolio are:

Southampton Football Club
Charlton Athletic Football Club
Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club
Gillingham Football Club
Thurrock Football Club
Stevenage Town Football Club
Watford Football Club
Henbury Old Boys Football Club
Yeovil Town Football Club
Reading Football Club
Old Grammarians Football Club
Harefield Academy
Metropolitan Police Sports Grounds
Hertsmere Borough Council
Royal Parks Agency - Regents Park

Luton Borough Council
Windsor Football Club
Mid Sussex District Council
Merchant Taylors School
University College School
St Pauls School
Dame Alice Owens School
Guildford Grammar School
University of Surrey
University of Sussex
North Leigh Football Club
St Mary’s School
Richmond Athletic Association ltd.
Glaxo SmithKline Greenford and Ware sites
Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead Council

Barclays Bank Sports Ground
HSBC Grounds
Legal and General Assurance
Liverpool Friendly Society
University of Westminster Sports Grounds
London Borough of Greenwich
Hackney Council – Hackney Marshes
University College London Sports Grounds
Richard Lander School
Dr Challoner’s Grammar School
Cirencester Football Club
Cambridge United Football Club
Henbury Football Club
Pembury Football Club
Marlborough College

The Football Pitch Site Visit

We will assess your pitch, resources and technical challenges in order to support your club and its grounds management team or contractor to achieve optimum results.  We offer both qualitative (observational) and quantitative (measuring) assessment approaches to help ensure the best advice is given relevant to the skills, budgetary and material resources available.

Qualitative Assessments - The assessment will take in observations covering:

  • Condition of the surface overall
  • Grass species composition and vegetative cover
  • Disease and pest issues
  • Wear and damage issues
  • Irrigation
  • Drainage
  • Soil condition – structure, health, type, depth, etc.
  • Maintenance resources
  • Specific problems being encountered by the club.
  • Such assessments may recommend further detailed quantitative testing but this may not be the full PQS approach listed below, perhaps only certain elements that might be necessary e.g. drainage testing or such like.

Quantitative Surveys and Pitch Assessments – PQS approach.

Sports Turf Consulting Ltd. can complete Performance Quality Standard (PQS) quantitative surveys of the pitch(es) where required to do so.
The measurements taken can include all or a selection of the following tests:

Criteria/Sample Point
Herbage Height (mm)
Bare Soil Area %
Total Ground Cover (%)
Desirable Grass Species (%)
Broad Leaved Weeds (%)
Small Leaved Weeds (%)
Disease Type And Cover (%)
Surface Level (Gradient)
Surface Smoothness (Eveness)
Hardness (Clegg Hammer Reading)
Infiltration Rate (Mm/Hour)
Traction N-M
Soil Nutrient Status Ph, P, K (note we normally test more rigorously than standard testing)
Soil Classification (Particle Size Distribution Test)
Ball Bounce
Ball Roll
Soil Thatch, Root And Rootzone Depth
Goal Post Vertical And Horizontal Position

Sports Turf Consulting Ltd. has developed a more detailed testing protocol beyond the basic measure of the PQS system to give more helpful and targeted pitch analysis on condition.  This can then be fed into the management approach on the pitch to assist the grounds manager with better insight into pitch condition and more effective and relevant treatments that can be applied in a more cost effective manner.

Which Pitch Assessment should I choose? 

In our experience Qualitative Assessments are usually sufficient to tackle maintenance or condition issues on most pitches drawing on our Principal Consultant, Noel MacKenzie’s extensive experience (33+ years) on sports turf management, except where drainage is a particular problem or where a PQS approach is required for other reasons.  Quantitative Assessments take far more time to complete properly and the costs involved are therefore higher.  We generally prefer to see our clients use their valuable funds directly at front line operations that are badly needed rather than push them at measuring and gathering data unless there is some very obvious reason a Quantitative Approach is clearly required, e.g. to measure water ingress into the soil or compaction.  We are always happy to discuss your needs and ensure the appropriate level of survey.

To ensure we provide what is needed please contact us or call 07739 505862 for an informal discussion

After the Pitch Inspection and Reporting:

During the visit we engage in discussion on site and communicate the issues facing the pitch(es) to the club’s representatives.  We also prepare a written report to confirm and record the advice given.  Traditionally, one site visit per annum was normal and telephone and email support is provided for any follow up queries.  However, due to more variable weather patterns experienced as part of climate change to achieve optimal results it is necessary for grounds persons to be more adaptable.  To optimise management choices and stay on top of shifting weather and pitch conditions additional visiting or consultation can be helpful.

Why not take advice from a consultant with 5 years hands-on grounds management experience, a graduate and post graduate level education and nearly 28+ years sports turf consulting experience?

For further information please contact us or call 07739 505862 for an informal discussion


Specialist sports turf management for private member golf clubs and commercial golf facilities.



Careful management of both the turf and soil to produce the required bounce and pace needed.



Pitch assessments and management for all club levels and budgets.



Equestrian sports demand phenomenal performance from the turf. We can maintain this to a high level.



We maintain uniform running surfaces capable of withstanding the immense pressures of a rugby match.



Expert management of croquet surface consistency, smoothness and pace.



We will assess your cricket table and outfield for turf and soil quality, resources and technical issues.



We have helped many bowling clubs achieve increased speed and consistency of their bowling surfaces.


Sports Turf Assessment, Planning, Maintenance and Management