Polo is an exciting sport for a spectator, but the horse and rider represent one of the bravest endeavours to take place on sports turf.  The sport demands phenomenal performance from the turf because of the need for excellent traction, resistance to damage, fast recovery from wear and tear and a safe surface with the added twist of the need for the ball to travel fast and true on the turf itself.

Our Principle Consultant, Noel MacKenzie, has significant consulting experience on polo grounds and set up and delivered the HPA Polo Grounds Maintenance Seminar programme at Guard’s Polo Ground in 1999 and at Hurtwood Polo Club 2000.

Noel MacKenzie also authored a number of articles for Polo Times in the past with a view to helping riders, grounds managers and followers of the sport recognise that there is more to a lawn than just a paddock or field cut short regularly and enhance awareness for the safety.

Sports Turf Consulting Ltd. can undertake maintenance agronomy reviews, investigate and design drainage, engage in construction of polo lawns and be on hand for on-going challenges facing a polo facility.  Significant among those challenges will be the impact of climate change in how we manage polo fields more sustainably for the future.

Polo and other equestrian venues included in Noel’s consulting portfolio include:

Client Portfolio:

  • Guards Polo Club
  • Hurtwood Park Polo Club
  • Ahmibah Farm (now Cowarth Park Polo Centre)
  • Cirencester Park Polo Club
  • Billingbear Polo Club
  • Ham Polo Club
  • Country House private clients
  • Windsor Racecourse
  • Southwell Racecourse
  • Worcester Racecourse
  • Lingfield Racecourse
  • Folkstone Racecourse
  • Royal Bath and West of England Showground

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